About Company

We hereby introduced ourselves as “YANDE POLYMERS” an ISO-9001-2008 certified company, manufacturers of all types of Oil Seals ,Cup Seals,’O’Ring, T-DUO Seals, Dowty Seals, Washer, Canvas impregnated seals, Chevron Packing, Canvas impregnated Diaphragms, Diaphragms for snouders valves made from Synthetic, Natural, Neoprene Rubber, Viton, Silicone Bakelite, and Teflon Rubber.
At present, we are supplying to Power & Irrigation Sector, Thermal/Hydro/Nuclear Power Station, Automobile Industries, Steel Industries, Cement & Sugar Industries around the country who are very much satisfied with quality of products and promptness.
In case you require any sort of advice on difficulties you occur time to time in dealing with Rubber, we will be delighted to send our well experienced technical representative to solve your problems and also to design as per your utility at your factory or office.

We are manufacturing all type of Rubber Components mould and extruded mode in Neoprene, Nitrile, Natural, Synthetic, Polyurethane, Viton, Silicon, Teflon, Hyplon etc. rubber, since 1970 as M/s. Usha Rubber Products our parent company and as a Yande Polymers since 1983 and supplying our products around the country to power sector, Steel Industries, Sugar Industries, Cement Industries, Engineering and Mechanical Industries. We have also developed lot of rubber components indigenously substitute for imported one, which are working very satisfactorily and saving lot of foreign exchange amount. Hereby we are enclosing you few of Purchase Order executed by us for your kind reference.

Technical Literature/leaflet of items offered

We are manufacturing all type of Industrial rubber components as per party’s specification requirement, we make all customized items, or we can develop the suitable seals for customers various application.
List of product range :- We are manufacturing all types of Industrial rubber components moulded & extruted i.e. Rubber Gasket, Diaphragms, Seals, Sleeved, Oil Seals, Sheets, Cords, Engine Mounts, Silent block, Dampers, Rubber rollers, Boots & Bellows, and all rubber components required for power generation i.e. Thermal/Hydro/Nuclear etc. made in Natural Synthetic Rubber, Silicon, Viton, Hyplon, Teflon, Polyrathene, Fluro Elastomer etc.

Test Certificate

We Will issue you our test certificate of said material. Regarding in house testing facility we have Laboratory Facilities at our work :- We are committed to attaining the highest standards possible emphasis on the prevention of quality problems before manufacture rather than an detection errors later, our employees are fully geared and trained to focus on continuous employees with real time quality information ensures that our customers expectations are met & customer satisfaction is maintained at the highest levels. Our quality systems are independent of production & from the base of our work ethic. Laboratory facilities available at our work, we have full fledge laboratory to assure quality product, we have all physical/ chemical properties testing equipments as follows:-

Dumbell cutting machine
Tensile tester – check tensile & elegation of break
Rhcometer – check cure time.
Low temp. tester – (-) 50 degree C. to (+) 40 degree C.
Specific gravity instrument- check direct specific gravity.
Rebound Resiliance
Melting point machine – check M.P.
Hardness Tester – Check Hardness
Oven- Air aging.

Quality assurance plan

As mentioned above in house testing facility, we assure you perfect quality assurance plan before material get dispatched to the destination.

Regarding Technical Specification of offered items

We very much assure you that material supplied by us will be exactly as per your technical specification without any deviation. And said items will be manufactured with high quality technology & raw materials.

Due to the valuable efforts of our mentor, “Mr. Nandesh”, we have been able to meet the specific demands of the clients. His never ending support and guidance has assisted us in achieving success in this domain.

A Quality Conscious organization

Yande Polymers, has been manufacturing quality rubber products since1983

We understand that in the power generation sector, planned or scheduled maintenance or incidental breakdown maintenance is very important, it has to be attained in a time bound manner to avoid power generation losses. We design, make and deliver our products very promptly in assured time.

WE have successfully developed our products for generators and Turbines that all user generally prefer to get it from OEM only. OEM rates are too high as their overhead charges are high and their delivery time is also 18 to 20 months.

Maintenance works cannot hold for such a long time. Our prices are 25 percent of the OEM prices.

We also undertake continual R&D on our products and as per parties requirement or specifications; we have developed gaskets for ash slurry lines. We are also supplying number of traditional Neoprene rubber gaskets to one of our customers. We have been supplying thousands of such gaskets for their ash slurry liners running into many kilometers.

This customer had trouble with the ash slurry lines that gasket used to perform well for a few months after which leakages were observed. Finding and fixing the leakage was both problematic and tedious. After observing this problem we started R&D on gaskets. After almost five years of effort of our technical R&D team and the wholehearted support of our customers , we could successfully develop a specially formulated rubber gaskets that gave zero leakages for a minimum period of one year. Even after one year of usage the gaskets were still found to be in their original condition. Even though our specially developed gaskets is a bit costlier, but due to its superb performance , they save on high costs of attending leakages replacement , etc. our specially developed gaskets are now being regularly supplied to several customers, and even as an OEM product.

We have also developed special-grade viton rubber oil seal for roller journal assembly that efficiently replace traditional oil seals, especially in the 210MW roller journal shaft.

In case you require any sort of advice on difficulties you face from time to time in dealing with rubber , we will be delighted to send our well experienced technical representative to solve your problems. We can also design as per your utility at your works or site.

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