Our Approach to Customer’s requirement is always innovative, because we belive that by giving or using up graded, new invented material , can be used for various application to reduce the frequent maintenance at working site irrespective of spending few rupees more. As in Rubber Industries there are so many permutation & combinations of raw materials can be arranged, people to reduce the cost use cheaper ingradiants due to which the expected life of the item is not achieved and ultimately the end users faces the problems due to premature failure of the products.

As Rubber Component plays very vital role in so many applications for ex. Hydraulic system, Sealing areas for ex. In one of the party’s application where sealing was required for sealing of FRO ( Fire Resistance Oil ) which is costly oil, and the some ingradiants of said oil is Aromatic chemicals & which is working as a solvent for rubber, so ordinary Nitrile, Neoprene Rubbers which are generally required for oils sealing was not suitable. We analysed oil & came to conclusion that Fluro Elastomers/ Viton Rubber only can be used. Our R&D team has carried out trials by immersing viton sealing seal in the oil & found satisfactorily performance i.e. sealing of FRO oil & saved costly oil leakages.

In one of the Auxillary of our customer in Thermal Power Generation in coal mills areas where the Roller Journal Assembly, where the traditional oil seals were used due to coal dust or, uneven ID of oil seals or sealing leap squeeze which were resulted in getting the grooves on the precious shaft (costly shaft ) and which was also affecting the alignment of shaft and due to which the bearing which is again very costly as compare to oil seal cost, bearing use to get damaged.

User had the only alternative to change the coal mill shaft which was not possible then they had only option to fill up the grooves with the welding & get it machined or to put a metallic SS sleeve on the damaged shaft which is time taking & tough work, more over once coal mill is stopped for changing the oil seals & repairing the shaft/ Brg It was affecting the generation loss which is too high in cost compare to oil seal cost

With the help & guidance of Sr. Officers who had worked in coal mill areas years together we had developed oil seals for said application, maintaining the right squezze on the shaft, maintaining material quality suitable for high temp., mechanical properties we could make a oil seals which could work for 7000/8000 hrs. i.e. from one overhaul to another overhaul & due to which the end user is happy & they saved maintainace cost too.

In Thermal Power Generation Plant, one of our customer who had Ash Slurry Lines (from Thermal Plant to Ash Bund ) approx. length 200 km. with the pipe size 300/350/400 NB & the leakages with their traditional gaskets were in thousand times & due to which their system was affecting almost 60% They were using mechanical sleeve at the internal of 15 mtrs approx., so the couplings they used in total were in thousands apprx. 15 Thousand plus and for each mechanical sleeves coupling required 2 no of gaskets, so total no gaskets they required approx 30000 nos plus.

They were using all traditional gaskets made in Natural Rubber & the consumption of gasket was too high. As with the technical guidance of partys officers, who were working on the system for long time, we have visited site , detailed studied its application, mechanical problems like Linear Thermal Expansion, Analysed the Slurry, pressure, temp. etc.

Our Reserch & Development team had continues worked for almost 4/5 years. We have developed some new gaskets in silicone base compound for trial, which had given life of 2/3 month more, which we felt that performance was not satisfactorily & further development must be carried out. finally our Reserch & Development team had developed a special profile to ensure good grip on the sealing multiple contact area of gaskets & specially formulated compound of Fluro Elastomer with NT base which had given life of min. 12/15 months and there was zero leakage during its service. More over after use opening coupling, gaskets observed were in its original conditions so that it could use repetadely same gaskets & due to zero lekage prevention maintaience scheduled was minimized, which saved heavy budget expences for the same and the system availability had increased from 60% to 100% which was an achievement.