Work Process

Rubber was invented by human in 15th century by south Africa. Natural Rubber comes from trees, few names of trees are Hevca, Brasilients, Manihotglaziovii, castilloa elastic, Russian Taraxacum , Koksagliz etc. Natural rubber from trees it comes in the form of milk, when it is dried & became solid it is called at latex which is main Raw material of Rubber. Rubber is also manufactured by synthesise which is called synthetic rubber.

This solid rubber is mixed in mixing mill. It is milled alongwith various chemicals, oils, Aeromatic chemicals, carbon black, zinc oxide, sulphur etc. As per the specifications required ( Tempreture Resistance , Pressure , Resistance to Chemicals, Oils etc. ) or applications required various formulation is done by combination of all raw materials + Natural rubber.

The Permintations & Combination of various chemicals is used for various application. Once the compound is mixed on mixing mill only & then sheet is cut & placed in pre heated moulds which is pressed under pressure & tempreture. Due to heat Rubber Sheet get soften & get the shape of mould. After curing i.e. valcunizing, the required item is ready, after trimming, the finished product is ready for use.